How You Doin’ Blondie?

My Kingdom for What S. is Thinking

Was there a memo circulated on Understanding Men that I missed? Did I miss the meeting where they covered “Why He Hasn’t Asked For A Second Date Yet”? Or did the powers-that-be figure I’m such a lost cause they shouldn’t waste their materials on me? Why hasn’t he made a move? We had a great time October 9th…and I majored in Applied Mathematics so let’s see, carry the 1, THAT’S ALMOST TWO WEEKS! He sent me a text this past Wednesday asking me how my week was going; told me that he’s been really busy lately with work, kids, and firefighter stuff. Is that his way of semi-apologizing for dragging his feet with the second date? I mean he’s already told me he wants to get to know me better, and I told him that I was very interested too, so at least those cards are on the table…but he’s made absolutely NO PLANS to see me again, he hasn’t even dropped any hints! How long does a guy usually wait before he asks for a second date? In my experience, if he waits longer than 2 weeks, oh hell who am I kidding? I have no experience with normal relationships, I have no idea if things are progressing normally or not. It’s so frustrating! I hate that I’m so obsessed with him, but he has everything I’ve always wanted…I’m terrified I’m not good enough. Is he subtly trying to give me the brush-off? Or is he interested, and there’s just something else holding him back?

Prince Charming Drives A White H3
October 19, 2007, 3:21 am
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It’s the little things he does, like spend a little extra time outside when he knows I’m watching. Or driving the hot little black sports car because he thinks I disapprove of his new H3 (I don’t care). Or checking me out when he thinks I’m not looking, or finding excuses to touch me or talk to me. The last one is the one that bothers me a little bit, why does he think he still needs an excuse to talk to me? We’ve kissed and he has my phone number, I’m pretty sure that elevates him to the Cut-The-Innocent-Chit-Chat-Ask-Me-Out-Already level. He texted me yesterday, said his week has been busy as hell. I guess that’s his way of explaining why he hasn’t contacted me. I was so happy to hear from him! It was just a simple hey-how’s-your-week-going but it meant so much, it means he’s thinking about me. And Heaven knows I’m thinking about him…a LOT, I even dream about him, I’ve got it SO bad. He’s a devoted father, incredibly intelligent, very handsome, and he’s got that quiet confidence I always thought was a myth. When he touches me I melt, and when I just think about him touching me I melt too. He’s just so perfect. Cue the cheesy sigh.