How You Doin’ Blondie?

About Me

I’m a former nerd who did not go to her high school prom due to a critical lack of anyone wanting to be my date.

I graduated four years ago from college with my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics (yes, I was a Bobby Fischer-type nerd) from a fairly well-known school located somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line which shall remain nameless because I am an active participant in the alumni association and would prefer that all my fellow graduates not know that I am a trollop.

Currently, I am very successfully not living up to my potential by earning a living in the “modeling” industry (although I use the term very, very loosely because the term “model” can be used to describe just about anything involving the female form and very little clothing. But it’s less embarrassing then saying “harlot”).

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haha your humor is great!


Comment by Justin

Me likey your blogey. Veddy veddy much.

Comment by drunkinarowboat

Thanks 😉

Comment by How You Doin Blondie

Happy New Year

Comment by theroadnow

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