How You Doin’ Blondie?

July 30, 2008, 5:45 pm
Filed under: Life

I’ve been gone for a while, mostly for reasons I don’t entirely understand…and since I don’t like discussing feelings, I didn’t take the time to examine those reasons any further. I’ll try to get back in the saddle. If you want, you can check out the little project I picked up on the side:


And thanks, everybody, for wondering where the hell I was.

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Well, Hello Blondie!!

Nice to know you’re still alive, was wondering if you had ink poisoning or found some kid with Viagra or something…

A feeling thing, ok, well inform us whenever ya like if ya like.

Glad to have ya back with us…………

Comment by Tim

Oo oo now baby….Tell me how have you been
We all have missed you….And the way you grin
The day is necessary….Every now and then
For souls to move on….Givin’ life back again, and again
Fly on fly on….Fly on my friend
Go on….Live again….Love again

Comment by theroadnow

Say goodbye to all your pain and sorrow
Say goodbye to all those lonely nights
Say goodbye to all your blue tomorrows
Now you’re standing in the light
I know sometimes you feel so helpless
Sometimes you feel like you can’t win
Sometimes you feel so isolated
You’ll never have to feel that way again
You are not alone
You’re not alone
Never thought I’d find the road to freedom
Never thought I’d see you smile again
Never thought I’d have the chance to tell you
That I will always be your friend
You are not alone
You’re not alone

Comment by theroadnow

Maybe the time has drawn the faces I recall
But things in this life change very slowly,
if they ever change at all
There’s no use in asking why,
it just turned out that way
So meet me at midnight baby
inside the Sad Cafe.
Why don’t you meet me at midnight baby,
inside the Sad Cafe.

Comment by theroadnow

^ Song Lyrics??? really?

Do you write for RideLust now? very cool site.

I write at now.

Comment by whatmenthink

Yeah song lyrics, I figured if I sang Blondie a few songs maybe she would come back.


Comment by theroadnow

Hey, Blondie, where are you……?

Don’t leave up hangin’, it’s not like an extended orgasm you know……..

Comment by Tim

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