How You Doin’ Blondie?

I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening…
June 7, 2008, 9:57 pm
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…but this wasn’t it.

I am sorely tempted to just call Mark and cancel.

My heart is just not that into it.

The truth is, I’m angry.

I’m angry at myself, for the situations I put myself in.

I’m angry at the way I allow myself to be treated.

I’m angry that even cockroaches can have kids, yet I sit here with no children, no mate, my only company an aging, insolent, overweight dog.

I am angry that I always seem to find the greatest joys in my life a day late and a dollar mother fucking short.

I’m just angry.

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Crap, just plain crap.

You’re not a toy, they gotta quit treating you that way, geez!

I’d be so happy if……………

Comment by Tim

Sometimes you just have to say no..In doing so you begin to build equity in your begin know..
Status,then,is not a fixed property of the person but varies with the point of view of whomever is doing the judging…
You’re still a babe in my eyes.

Comment by theroadnow

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