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Uncle Sam Needs Somebody, Anybody Else
April 15, 2008, 4:33 pm
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Just got a phone call; my youngest brother, Matthew, he’s expressed his desire to attend the Virginia Military Institute, post-high school. Presumably with the intent of a career with the US Armed Forces.

I couldn’t be prouder, or more afraid.

But honestly, both of them? Really? What is this, a conspiracy?

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Awesome. Hope everything goes well fo him and he has a long, rewarding military career. Hopefully he doesn’t have to serve under too many demogogues for president.

Comment by magus71

Sigh, yes, it’s awesome. I’m just selfish and want both of my brothers to do something mundane and SAFE…I’m a terrible patriot, ugh.

Comment by How You Doin Blondie

The fact that America is headed into it 5th year of war without a draft is due to so many brave young men and women volunteering. And the fact they do this in a time of war says more about who we are as a nation. Your brothers are heros in my eyes.

Comment by theroadnow

Thank you very much, Adam. The same can be said about your son. 🙂

Comment by How You Doin Blondie

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