How You Doin’ Blondie?

Once Upon A Time, There Lived A Princess
March 16, 2008, 10:56 pm
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I’m sorry, what I meant to say is: a minor drawback to having sex for a living is that you develop (in a startling brief amount of time) a powerful resentment towards men. You lose your whimsical giggle to a harsh snarl. You lose your fucking soul to the brand new Mercedes you just bought yourself. Bitter? Oh, just a little.

 Where’s Prince Charming? I waited for him, I did. I sat in my tower, braiding my hair, dreaming of a better life. Every so often I’d think I saw him, riding by on his noble steed, and I’d tell myself that he just winked at me, just sent me the silent message that he’ll be back for me later. But he never came, and I got fucking tired of waiting.

And you know what? My Mercedes SL55 AMG with 400 horsepower fucks Prince Charming’s one noble steed in the ass.

But even the hardest, most jaded girls wish they had someone to hold them at night.

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Some men understand this. Try not being in a hurry to leave. Look in his eyes next time. You might find you stay all night.

Comment by theroadnow

I wish. I wish I could find the Richard Gere of John’s. The one that looks past everything as sees that you don’t really want to be doing what you’re doing, that you’re just the little girl next door. But I’ve yet to find him, and by default, I’ve done my fair share of searching.

Comment by How You Doin Blondie

I’m no Richard Gere, but I try to be in the moment when ever i’m around my date even if she is looking at me as a john. I’m usually a couple of of hours so as to try and connect on a different level than the typical john.


Comment by theroadnow

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