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It’s Only Gay if Balls Touch…
November 4, 2007, 9:34 pm
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I’ll be honest, I don’t particularly mind being involved in a love triangle involving me and two incredibly good-looking, very fuckable, firefighters. Of course, I use the term “love” very loosely, since I’m fairly sure this is more of a sex triangle than anything else (which again, with two firefighters, is not a horrible thing).

Do you remember that I told you S. admitted his original intent was to hook me up with his friend, Keith? Do you remember how I thought it was funny, even a little cute, that he decided to keep me for himself instead? Turns out it wasn’t that funny, because guess whose throwing his hat in the ring now? Yes, Keith. I’ve run into him a bunch of times during my nightly walk up to grab some dinner and this last time we ran into each other I made a parting remark that I’d probably see him tomorrow to which he replied, “Yeah, now that I know what time to show up.”

He and S. are very close friends, so this means one of two things:

1.) S. has given him the green-light and obviously has no intention of ever making a move and possibly even regrets the moves he did make


2.) S. has filed me under the category of “girls men fuck” rather than “girls men bring home to mom” and has decided to share a little bit of the wealth with his best friend.

OR, a third option that really isn’t an option at all because it’s only feasible in my little fantasy world where I’m treated like a nice, decent girl:

3.) S. isn’t aware of this little development in mine and Keith’s relationship and once he becomes aware of it he will realize he needs to stop dragging his feet and MAKE A MOVE.

OR option 4.) which consists of me getting double teamed at the fire house 😉

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I thought that it was only gay if you made eye contact. But you say it is if balls touch? Oh boy… Seems I have some phone calls to make.

Comment by finkenwalde

Haha! You and approximately 500 or so other men – I would say at LEAST twice a week someone Googles “is it gay if balls touch” and returns my blog as a result…

Comment by How You Doin Blondie

Nice to be famous in the “I am sure I am not gay” area of the world huh?

Comment by finkenwalde

Yes, quite. I like to picture my blog being the topic of discussion after many a high school theater practice…

Comment by How You Doin Blondie


Comment by finkenwalde

I don’t know. Doesn’t that effectively rule out the DP for straight men?

That is a sacrifice I am not willing to make… 😉

Comment by t4toby

I don’t think it “rules it out” as long as each guy stays on opposite ends of the woman…it’s that whole “one in the pink one in the stink” move that has the potential to get a little gay 😉

Comment by How You Doin Blondie

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